About the Piper

The Short Story

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me.  I'm Christopher and I love the pipes and really always have.  I started to learn when I was 8 with the practice chanter.  Learning the fingering, the music, keeping time.  Next I learned the coordination and incorporation of breath and the bag.  Just shy of 18 months later I was up on the Highland bagpipes.

I compete as a solo piper throughout the northeast and am one of the top pipers in the eastern US for under the age of 18. 

I am member of the NH Pipes & Drums and have

played in several parades in New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Rhode Island. In addition to competing as a solo piper and my time with NH Pipes & Drums, I perform at area farmers markets, perform with local bands,/musicians,  pipe at funerals, retirement events and other gatherings and would love to pipe for you as well!

I continue to study the art of the bagpipes at the New England Scottish Arts Centre in NH.